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The website is back up and on line!

To all of you who have been calling in on our message phone, thank you very much! You’ll be pleased to know that the phone for our volunteer center should be ready on Nov. 12, so you’ll be able to call in and talk to a real person (Evan Daigneault, most likely) after that.


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Website issues

The word from our webmaster is that the website for the Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market is on a server that is undergoing attack; the site will be down until either the server can protect itself or we can find a new server. In the meantime, we will try to post the resources there to the blog, and upload a mirror site.

Addendum 11/4/09: This is our push month for raising $100,000 in membership equity, (a most awkward time to have website problems); so please bring your capital investment in to our volunteer center/office at 542 Fourth Avenue, Suite 100 B, in downtown Fairbanks. Call 457-1023 or e-mail info@fairbankscoop.org

Thank you!

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