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Membership Equity dollars raised as of 9 am, Saturday, September 11 – $97,949.45

Inventory Value for Fundraising – $6,537.17

Wells Fargo Checking Account Balance – $1,394.94

Wells Fargo Savings – $87,364.89

Sales from Fundraising in 2009 and 2010 totaled – $25,001.55

  • Goods Sold – $12,846.55
  • Desert Auction and donations – $7909
  • Breakfast Series – $4,246

Additional updates will be added to this report within the next week.


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The first order of business was to establish a quorum. Mary Christensen, Board Secretary, reported that there were a total of 490 members on the rolls, per the Bylaws, to meet a quorum of 5%, 25 members were required to be present.  Having determined that a quorum was present, the meeting was called to order by Board Chairman, Robert Leach, at 5:07 p.m. at the Pioneer Park Civic Center Exhibit Hall.

Richard Seifert moved that the agenda be approved and Hans Geier seconded it. The agenda was approved as written.

Mary Christensen, Board Secretary, read the minutes from the last annual meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Robert Leach thanked the outgoing board members, Mike Emers, Cora Kelley and Morgan Macchione for their service and introduced the new board candidates, Colin Craven, Hans Geier, Sandra Trumbower, Catherine Whitney, and Miriam Woody. He thanked all who had volunteered over the past year and discussed the importance of the Co-op Market as a community organization and deferred to the committee reports for specific information on the year’s progress.

Mary Christensen, Board Secretary, gave the treasurer’s report since Morgan Macchione, Board Treasurer, could not attend the meeting.

It was reported that $97,949.45 in membership equity dollars have been raised as of 9 am on September 11, 2010. The Co-op Market holds an inventory for fundraising currently valued at $6537.17. There is $1,394.94 in checking and $87,364.89 in savings.

A total of $25,001.55 was raised from fundraising since 2009. Goods sold accounted for $12,846.55, the dessert auction and donations raised $7909 and breakfast fundraisers brought in a total of $4,246.

A treasurer’s report with more detail will be published on the blog by October 1, 2010.

Mary Christensen, Chair of the Outreach Committee, then gave the Outreach Committee report. She reported that  the outreach committee raised nearly $90,000 in membership equity funds over the past year. A fundraising campaign was held through the winter including a series of Breakfast Fundraisers, outreach booths at the fair and many other venues and a marketing campaign to increase membership. Last year’s dessert auction brought in over $7000. She reported that the Co-op Market now has over 490 fully paid members and nearly 700 members on payment plans.

Finally, she reported that the next Dessert auction will be held on November 20, 2010 at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. Pat Fitzgerald and Robin Dale Ford will be the featured entertainment.

Mary also announced our Each One Bring One Campaign and asked the membership to each bring one more member. A “reward” $7 gift certificate can be used at any “Co-op Market Mini Store”.  See full outreach report below.

Richard Seifert gave the Finance committee report. He reported that the finance committee is currently in a lease negotiation with Bachner and Companies for a portion of the old Foodland building. He reported that our member loan campaign is ready to launch and that we are pursuing a USDA revolving credit loan/grant that could be offered through a local utility cooperative, such as GVEA. (See Full Report)

Sharon Alden gave a report on the Health and Wellness committee. She reported that the committee sponsored a film series and is now sponsoring a lecture series.

Robert Leach introduced the new board candidates, Colin Craven, Hans Geier (presently a board member with a one year term), Sandra Trumbower, Catherine Whitney, and Miriam Woody. Five people ran for four seats. Each candidate spoke for 3 minutes about why they wish to be a board member. Miriam Woody could not be present. Shaun Lott read from Miriam’s biography.

Robert Leach called for a motion for the candidates to be approved. Richard Seifert moved the candidates be approved. Hans seconded the motion. The candidates were approved.

Ballots were passed around and the election was held. The ballots were later counted by Board Chairman, Robert Leach, in the presence of Board Secretary, Mary Christensen. Our new board members are Colin Craven, Hans Geier, Sandra Trumbower and Catherine Whitney.

Richard Seifert moved that the meeting be adjourned. Hans Geier seconded the motion. The adjournment was delayed to give out the door prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm. Members were invited to stay for a community pot luck dinner.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2011 at the Pioneer Park Civic Center Exhibit Hall.

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At present we have $97,949 in membership funds (as of 9/11/2010)

Our committee has been relentlessly pursuing financial well-being for the Co-op Market. We have written lease proposals and submitted them, and contacted many sources of possible financing and loans. We are close to a lease offer, at least one we are comfortable with . We have met regularly with the Bachner group since May of this year to attempt getting a lease agreement.
We have also investigated several other financial options, including USDA loans ( REDLAG: the Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program), direct loans through USDA, and a revolving loan option which Brian Newton at GVEA has promised to help with, and which could provide up to $300,000 at low interest.

We have also contacted private “angels” who want to use their money for worthy community investments, along with the Rasmuson Foundation, AIDEA, and local banks. We continue to face a major barrier in financing the Co-op Market. It is the fact that we have no collateral. And of course we have no building which could serve as collateral.
To cope with this , we have engaged legal help to allow us confidence in approaching our members for what are commonly called “member loans”. These are simply loans which our members offer us to solve our problem of collateral.

We have a major effort planned and should be able to launch it within a month which would help us greatly in getting a sound financial footing for the Co-op Market. you, our members, are being asked to help us by loaning us money to provide equity collateral so we can borrow what we will need to open, and perhaps fund fund a major portion of our co-op with these member loans.
( At this point a member asked how much we need, The answer is ~$300,000. More would of course be wonderful.)

Our loan solicitation is nearly ready for you, and we’ll give you much more information soon. Also, Board members have committed to giving member loans to the Co-op Market. I have personally committed $5000 to a board member portion of the financial nest egg we want to use to build the co-op. This can and likely will be one of the most important community actions we can take for our future. Won’t you join me in a community effort to build a food source and market we can be proud of?

submitted 9/20/2010 Rich Seifert

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Minutes from Health and Wellness Education Committee
June 14th, 2010
The Health & Wellness committee met and decided on sponsoring a lecture series.
The topics we came up with were:
  1. Holistic Health: What is it?
  2. Cook on Sunday, Eat All Week-Healthy is Cheaper – This would be a potluck.
  3. Farm Lecture from a local farmer/rancher
  4. Local Grains we can grow in Alaska
  5. Alaska Food Policy Council-what is it and what roll wil it serve and what roll can WE serve.
  6. What is Organic?
The other idea was to sponsor a book discussion group through the Library.
At our next meeting we will be parsing out tasks to make this lecture series happen.  We will need people to take on both large and small tasks.
We also need recommendations for the first 6 months of books for our discussion group.  The theme of course being Health and Wellness with somewhat of a focus on food.  You can send your book ideas to the Co-op Market web site or make a comment on the facebook page.
Our next meeting will be July 12th at 6 PM.  Our “normal” meeting place will be at the downtown volunteer center unless otherwise noted.

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First Health and Wellness Eduction Committee Meeting:

Thank you all who made it to this meeting in spite of the slippery roads!

Last Wednesday we held our first Health and Wellness Education Committee at our downtown volunteer center. We had a great turnout with 11 folks interested excited and enthusiastic about educating our community about getting and staying healthier.

We had a great group of folks with interests varying from natural child birth to cooking organic and vegan food to holistic health care and teas.

Many different ideas were shared including classes on healthy and economical cooking, a lecture series, finding good articles to share on our blog site, and starting a reference library for our co-op.

What we decided on as a start was to show a food and health related film. Several were suggested such as Food Inc. and Eating Alaska.

We will be meeting again next Wednesday at 6 pm (that’s Nov. 4) in our volunteer center with the goal of choosing a movie, a venue, and a date. In the meantime we will be checking out what films and venues are available and thinking about what we want to do next.

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Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market (FCCM)

Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2009, 5:30 pm

Before the business meeting  a question and answer session was held with Andy and John Bachner, owners of the “Foodland” property. This helped to nail down some of the monthly operational costs we can expect if we lease a portion of the property.

1. Meeting Called to Order by Hans Geier at 5:30 pm.  Present: Morgan Macchione, Sharon Alden, Mary Christensen, Mike Emers, Hans Geier, Evan Daigneault, Robert Leach

Quorum: Yes

2. Minutes from the last meeting were read and CHANGED. Sharon Alden moved to change the minutes to read that Board Seats “A” through “E” expire in 2011 and

Board Seats ”F” through “I” expire in 2010.  Morgan Macchione seconded the motion. The motion was approved and passed.

3. Committee Reports:

Communications/Outreach – Chair: Mary Christensen reported that the Pancake Breakfast was a success with $2800 raised, a VISTA volunteer, Evan Daigneault,  has been hired and is currently training to assist with the membership drive, the volunteer office has been established, newspaper ads contracted, as well as Facebook and TV.

Operations/Store Design Committees – Mary Christensen reported that operations cost analysis are underway, a book on how to write a business plan for grocery stores has been ordered, and communication with the Co-op Development Center in Minnesota established with the intent of possibly contracting a store design consultant. A joint meeting with the two committees is being planned to work out and assign tasks.

Finance Committee – Hans Geier reported that he has begun the application process for Coop500’s “sprout” loan program. The business plan is necessary to begin the loan application process. Hans also reported that he has acquired grant funding to assist with our co-op development process through his work with the University.

4. Mary Christensen and Sharon Alden led the board in sharing our individual visions for our food co-op. They are summarized as follows:

Robert Leach – Focus on the store central with the objective of providing a market for local producers in the long term, but a focus on the function of our grocery store in the short term.

Mike Emers – to be a focal point for good healthy food in Fairbanks, a catalyst, a meeting place for long term thinking, soil, earth, more producers, a lot more people making a living in farming, organic is incredibly important, when we source outside of Alaska we should know exactly were it is coming from – all kinds of good food for the community.

Evan Daigneault feels that we should focus on meat and vegetables, access to all types of local meat, coffee stand and most importantly – a salad bar

Hans Geier envisions opening a store and operating a successful retail outlet for local goods as well as other healthy products. He envisions a consumer friendly business that takes care of its members.

Mary Christensen described a 6000 square feet facility with 1500 in storage and 1000 for a coffee and sandwich bar – with a plan for expansion in two to three years with food our members want to buy that includes: organic, natural, bulk, local veges, nonlocal veges, meat from our own neighborhood, a cheese island, ethnic foods, white bread and pilot bread and REAL bread, macaroni and other staples, vegan, junk and gourmet food. In other words – Yummy food

Morgan Macchione spoke of the importance of staples to her busy family life and feels that dairy is important plus a coffee shop and deli that has convenience foods.

Sharon Alden would like to see as much local food as possible, lots of staples and good variety.

5. The Board then worked out a time line with the goal of opening between April and June of 2010.

Week of October 11 – 16 – Appointments to be set with environmental, structural and mechanical engineers.

Saturday, October 24th – Board retreat – Possible trip to Delta before that.

October – begin cost analysis for business plan starting with a joint meeting of the Operations and Store Design Committees, continue membership drive,

Completion of Business Plan by November 15.

Applications for Financing sent to financial institutions no later than December 1

January – begin renovations if financing acquired.

January – open the store general manager position for applicants

February – hire general manager and begin process of readying the store for business

6. Sharon Alden offered to organize a committee structure

7. Next Meeting was set for Monday, October 12th from 5:30 to 7 pm

8. Robert Leach Moved to adjourn the meeting and Mary Christensen seconded. The motion was passed.

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Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market (FCCM)
Board Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2009, 5:00 p.m.

1.    Meeting Called to Order@.  Present:  Rob Leach, Morgan Macchione, Sharon Alden, Mary Christensen, Rich Seifert, Mike Emers, Cora Kelley, Helen McLean, Hans Geier by phone.   Quorum:  Yes

2.    Minutes from the Annual Meeting were read. and APPROVED.

3.    Interim Treasurer, Sharon Alden reported: $30,177 in Savings Account, $7,549 in Checking Account, $2,190 in New Memberships, not yet deposited. Rich Seifert asked if we could accept donations tax exempt.  Rob indicated yes, if accepted as a gift.???
4.    Assignments for Board seats were conducted according to FCCM Bylaws.
Board Seats “A” through “E” expires 2011
Board Seats “F” through “I” expires 2010
Assignments are as follows:
Seat A: Helen McLean
Seat B: Mary Christensen
Seat C: Rob Leach
Seat D: Rich Seifert
Seat E: Sharon Alden
Seat F: Hans Geier
Seat G: Morgan Macchione
Seat H: Mike Emers
Seat I:  Cora Kelley

5.    Committee Reports:
Communications / Outreach – Chair: Mary Christensen reported on: a.    Pancake Breakfast being held Sunday, October 4, 2009,
11 – 2 p.m. at the Ken Kunkel Community Center on Goldstream Road. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 children under 12 years of age, and Free to children under 5 years of age. The purpose of this breakfast series is to exchange information and ideas, as well as raise funds. There will be a powerpoint presentation and a chance to visit with board members.

b.    Rob Leach will be making a presentation to the Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District’s board meeting, on Tuesday, September 29th at 5:00 p.m.

c.     Triple Pack Marketing Blitz to include Radio, TV and paper print advertising.  Sue Sprinkle is updating the brochure and FCCM flyer (hand bill). An emphasis was made on how important it is to get these completed.

d.    Dessert Auction: November 21st at Morris Thompson Cultural Center.

e.    The Vista Worker interview will be held Monday, September 27, 2009 at noon, 3rd Floor of Borough building.  Mary discussed that the worker will have only one supervisor and will be required to go to training.  Morgan expressed her interest in taking the training. Mary said she would like to be the supervisor, because she has specific tasks in mind for the worker. Rich Seifert stated he is a trained Vista Supervisor and that he can assist in the interim until such time someone gets the required training, and that he will be a “hovering presence” leading and assisting in the meantime.

Local Producers / Vendor Selection – Chair:  VACANT – No report
We need to recruit a Chair and volunteers to be a part of this committee.  Discussion ensued regarding the need to provide detailed committee descriptions. Mary stated they are on our website.

Store Design – Chair:  Rob Leach reported that he spoke to a gentleman named Jim with Arctic Refrigeration that will help us figure out whether we want to work with what is available for refrigeration or if we will need to buy new / new to us refrigeration.  We need to answer the question – How much refrigeration do we need? Producers / Vendor Selection Committee will be a responsible for figuring this out.

Rob also let us know that he has the building drawings on AutoCAD, and we need to ask the question?  What do we want the store to look like and what departments we want it to include –i.e. Coffee Shop, Deli, ect.

Business Plan – Chair:  Rob Leach reported that he is working on getting some help with it.

Operations – Chair: Mary Christensen reported that the committee will be meeting October 1st and will report on the committee work at the next meeting.
Finance – Chairs: Hans Geier reported that Rich Seifert is going Co-Chair the Finance Committee with him.  Rich Seifert reported that a gentleman name Sam Skaggs, a financial advisor in Juneau called him to discuss the possibility of one of his clients, a “slow money” investor who may be interested in investing in FCCM.  Slow Money investors are dedicated to investing in small food enterprises and local food systems; connecting investors to their local economies; and, building the nurture capital industry. Sam referred Rich to the book by the same name.  Rich indicated that we need to have a strong Business Plan in place before we present our cooperative grocery store to him. Rich will be going to Juneau and will visit with his friend Sam and get more information to pass on to us.
Rich indicated that any loan or investment that is made will expect it to be secured.  Discussion ensued regarding buying verses leasing a building.  Mike said it seems FCCM is set on the Foodland building and mentioned with the amount of money it will take to rehab the Foodland building we could potentially buy and / or build to suit our needs. Rich also spoke to credibility. We need to continue to build our credibility.
An architect needs to be employed to put together a rendering and start the process of asking the questions that will provide the them with the information needed to put together a conceptual design, based on our overall plan and objectives.
Health & Fitness – No Chair – No report.
6.    Unfinished Business:  No Old Business
7.    New Business
a.    Selection of Director Positions were made and APPROVED as follows:
Chair:        Rob Leach
Vice Chair:    Hans Geier
Secretary:    Mary Christensen
Treasurer:    Morgan Macchione

Board Members at Large are Helen McLean, Cora Kelley, Mike Emers, Rich Seifert.

b.    Assign Check Signors:  Based on the election of new Officers, the signors will change from Sharon A. to Morgan M., from Lela to Mary M.  Check signors will be – Rob L., Morgan M. & Mary C.   Sharon A. will handle the details.
c.    Adopt Payment Plan: A discussion to adopt a payment plan for membership fees took place from $50 quarterly payments in for one (1) to $25 quarterly payments for 2 years. The Board chose the later with a condition that at the time of official store opening, members participating in the payment plan must be current on their quarterly payments or their membership benefits will be suspended. . .
8.    Decision Making Process for the Board:  Mike spoke on how Calypso handles their “Consensus Policy for Decision Making”. When they vote, they determine the strength of a decision by the number of fingers the Board members holds up.  The number one (1) means strong support, number three (3) describes that the board member could go either way (undecided) number five (5) means no support.  It was decided to put this off until a future meeting. A proposal or proposals will be presented for the Board to vote on.
9.    Consultant for Store Design:  Rob has experience doing this type of work and has said he will prepare something.  Mary believes we need something prepared by a professional and that we need to get it started. Discussion ensued regarding the process.  Hans spoke about developing a scope of need to give to potential and interested architects.
10.    Review Committee Budgets – this will be moved to the Agenda for the next Board meeting.
11.    Appoint Executive Committee – will be moved to the Agenda for next meeting
12.    Set date for next Annual Meeting. No date set.
13.    Recommend minutes from 1st Annual Membership Meeting for presentation and adoption at 2010 Annual Meeting.
14.    $200 was approved for office expenses.
15.    $700 was approved for repairs for an existing computer, printer / scanner.
16.    Mary decided to arrange a meeting with Mary Kopf with Sunshine foods to discuss…

Meeting Adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

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