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FCCM First Annual Meeting 8-29-09

Our First Annual Meeting was held at Pioneer Park’s Civic Center in the theater.

It began with Rep. David Guttenberg from the 26th Alaska State Legislature presenting an Honorarium to David L. Lacey who founded the FCCM. Dave’s son, Vaughan, was there to accept the honor.

Cora Kelley made a power point presentation of the Co-op’s founding and goals for the health of our local community and the environment.

The Agenda was presented and Cora made a motion for approval. Hans seconded. The motion was approved.

Mary Christensen announced that we now have 1,005 members. Since 136 were present, we had a quorum.

Present on stage were Hans Geier, Rich Seifert, Mary Christensen, Sharon Alden, Helen McLean, Cora Kelley, Mike Emers, Morgan Macchione, Rand Petersen, Rob Leach, and Lela Ryterski. Each person introduced themselves to the audience (general membership).

Rob, as the Interim Chairperson, reported on what the Co-op had been doing to develop a business plan and connect with local producers.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Sharon reported that since our founding we had collected $37,000. Of that $10,000 went to the feasibility study, $2,800 was advertising, $1,600 for printing, and costs of goods was $1,800. We presently have $20,520 in the bank.

COMMUNICATIONS/OUTREACH: Mary reported that we’ve worked hard to have a successful Harvest Fair/First Annual Meeting which serves as a kick-off for a membership drive to realize 500 full members by November.

OPERATIONS COMMITTEE: Mary made an appeal for members to join this committee outlining its duties (i.e.: securing equipment, insurance, employees, etc.)

PRODUCTS/VENDORS COMMITTEE: Lela gave a synopsis of what had been occurring: finding vendors, developing criteria for products.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Hans gave a synopsis: We’ve connected with a co-op bank.

STORE DESIGN: Rob reported we’re considering a section of the old Foodland Building.

BUSINESS PLAN: Rob explained how all these committees together will develop the business plan.

ADOPT BYLAWS: The copy of the Bylaws that was sent out to the membership had not yet been looked over by a lawyer. Two days prior to this meeting the core Board Members met to approve and update the editing done by the lawyer. Copies of this new edition were available at the door. Rob was at the podium to act as parlaimentarian.

Dan Hancock moved to substitute the old bylaws with this new edition. Mary Stech seconded. Rich Seifert didn’t want to approve without reading the corrections. Rob went over the basic changes. It was voted on, and the substitution passed.

Ben Birtles made a motion to adopt the new bylaws. Bett Schaffhauser seconded the motion. Discussion ensued. There were questions about founding members verses regular membership, and how often the Board meets. There was a call for a vote, and the Bylaws were adoped.

ELECTION OF NINE BOARD MEMBERS: As we opened the floor to address the election, a member made a motion to amend the Bylaws to include eleven Board members instead of nine. However, since we just voted on the Bylaws, this concern would have to be addressed at the next meeting of the membership. We moved on to the election.

Nominations from the floor were accepted. Lela nominated Vaughan Skylark. There was a move for nominations to be closed. It was seconded. All were in favor. Votes were placed into a closed box on the stage.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: $200 was proposed for full membership. Discussion ensued about the amount, and concern that time payments would be untimely for funding our project. The criteria for payments was left for the Board to decide. A motion called for a vote. It was seconded. A vote passed the $200 membership fee.

The floor was opened to Members’ Comments: there were none.

Mary announced the potluck.

Cora moved to adjourn. It was seconded. All consented. The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


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Celebrating our Accomplishments….Appreciating our Members

Saturday, August 29, 2009 – Noon to 8 pm – Pioneer Park Civic Center


A word about DOOR PRIZES! There will be drawings throughout the day!

Noon – Doors Open – Enjoy browsing among the many vendor tables and check out what is planned for children to do.

12:15 pmLaura Vines – Traditional Folk Music – Exhibit Hall

1:00 Tundra Caravan Dance Troupe – Exhibit Hall

1:15 “Musical Rumours” – a vocal Jazz Group – Exhibit Hall

1:30 – Modern Dance Piece – “Finding Balance” – Exhibit Hall

Choreographer: Krista Katalenich in collaboration with Felix Bambury Webbe
Music: Med sud i eyrum by Sigur Ros

1:35 – Jean McDermott – Fiddle – Exhibit Hall

1:55 – Alaskan Amy – Hoop Dancer – Exhibit Hall

2:00 – Project Cuba Alaska demonstrating Rueda de Casino – Exhibit Hall

2:15 Project Cuba Alaska – performing “Gaga”, a high energy Afro –Haitian Celebration dance – Exhibit Hall

2:30 Power Point presentation: “The Spark of a Dream” – a tribute to Dave Lacey, and including a report on FCCM’s progress – Civic Center Theatre

3:00 Business Meeting and Elections – Civic Center Theatre

Tentative Agenda for business meeting: (This is subject to change)

1. Announcements and Introductions

2. Call to Order

3. Review and Approval of Agenda

4. President’s Report

5. Officer’s Report

6. Committee Reports

7. Presentation of Board of Directors

8. Election of Board of Directors

9. Vote to on DRAFT Bylaws and Membership Fee Structure.

ALSO at 3 PM Special Activities for Children – in the Exhibit Hall

3 pm – Hoop Playshop with Hoop Dance Ananda – Exhibit Hall

5:00 Pot Luck (Please bring a side dish) Volunteers with FCCM are planning to provide meat dishes

6:00 Live music by Steve Brown & the Bailers – Exhibit Hall

7:00 Music Jam – Bring your instrument – Exhibit Hall

Please come to this family-oriented celebration where you will enjoy the many vendor booths, exhibits featuring local crafts, farmers, musicians, dancers, artists, and food.

Thank you to all who have made this event possible!

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The Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market will be holding its 1st annual member meeting on Saturday, August 29th. This is an opportunity for members — the collective owners of the co-op — and other interested people from the community to give important feedback and input on the status of the co-op and where we’d like to see the co-op moving in the coming year! The agenda will include a presentation on our progress and reports from committees, a financial report, and an election for a new board of directors.

We also feel this is cause for a great celebration, so we are having a Family Harvest Fair the same day. We are envisioning lots of music, food, and fun! Plan on seeing booths with producers of locally grown and produced products to sample. There will be games and entertainment for the children and we will sum up the evening with live music and dancing. We hope you can join us. Please come back to the blog for more information.

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