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First Health and Wellness Eduction Committee Meeting:

Thank you all who made it to this meeting in spite of the slippery roads!

Last Wednesday we held our first Health and Wellness Education Committee at our downtown volunteer center. We had a great turnout with 11 folks interested excited and enthusiastic about educating our community about getting and staying healthier.

We had a great group of folks with interests varying from natural child birth to cooking organic and vegan food to holistic health care and teas.

Many different ideas were shared including classes on healthy and economical cooking, a lecture series, finding good articles to share on our blog site, and starting a reference library for our co-op.

What we decided on as a start was to show a food and health related film. Several were suggested such as Food Inc. and Eating Alaska.

We will be meeting again next Wednesday at 6 pm (that’s Nov. 4) in our volunteer center with the goal of choosing a movie, a venue, and a date. In the meantime we will be checking out what films and venues are available and thinking about what we want to do next.


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