Honey Paprika Prawns

This recipe is sure to please a crowd at your next party!!



  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 tbsp Frontier sweet paprika
  • 2 tbsp Annie’s Worcestershire Sauce (Member-owner Deal)
  • 2 tbsp San J tamari soy sauce
  • 1 tsp dried thyme leaves
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1/4 cup safflower oil
  • 1/4 cup sherry
  • 1 and 1/2 lbs Wild Alaskan Striped Shrimp


  1. Whisk together the honey, paprika, Worcestershire, soya, thyme, chili, oil and sherry.
  2. Shell and clean the shrimp. Butterfly the shrimp by cutting a slit down the back of the shrimp. Rinse under cold water and pat dry in paper towels.
  3. Cover shrimp with the marinade sauce and marinate for 1 hour.
  4. Place shrimp on a large baking sheet. Broil in a preheated oven broiler for 3 minutes, turn and continue to broil for an additional 3 minutes.
  5. Place on a serving platter and enjoy.



If you have come to the market in the past week  you probably noticed a few changes to the outside of our building.

We are having a mural painted on the wall to the right of our front doors. Our artist in residence is Nichole Feemster. She is an Alaskan artist and 2011 graduate of UAF. Nichole’s first large scale project was a mural installed last spring at the Seward library. Learn more about her & her work at http://feemsterartinak.com/.

One neat thing about this project is the COMMUNITY PAINT DAYS. These will be on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th (weather permitting).

We are looking for volunteers (ages 16 and up) to help paint the background and Nichole will then add her flair and details to the mural. We’re asking for a 4 hour commitments from people. Either 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm.

If you are interested please contact Amber at atelling@coopmarket.org to sign up for a shift.

Wall Ready for Mural 1150353_579416002121704_2054131956_n copy 644294_580645961998708_97644303_n

What is the Board of Directors and what does it do?

The Board of Directors is the governing body for the Member-Owners of Co-op Market Grocery & Deli. It is composed of nine people, elected by the Member Owners. Terms for Directors are two years. The Board is responsible for ensuring organizational performance on behalf of all of Co-op Member Owners.  This work includes developing clearly stated expectations through written policies; delegating responsibility for, and authority over, the achievement of stated objectives; and monitoring compliance with written policies.

The Board of Co-op Market should be strategic and visionary with its view toward the future of our cooperative, rather than focusing solely on the short-term. The Board governs the organization and delegates all operational duties to one employee, the General Manager. The Board is involved in strategic planning, financial oversight, Ownership linkage, and community outreach.

What does the Board of Directors NOT do?

The Board of Directors does not make decisions about, become involved with, or take part in any of the day to day activities or decisions regarding the operation of Co-op Market. The Board’s sole official connection to the operations of the cooperative is through the General Manager.

 What are the requirements for running?

Directors must be Member-Owners of Co-op Market in good standing without a substantial conflict of interest resulting from an affiliation with any enterprise that is in competition with the Co-op.

Once elected, Directors must sign a Statement of Agreement and publicly disclose any potential conflicts of interest. As for personal qualifications, Board experience is helpful, but not a prerequisite for Directorship.

 More important are the willingness to work closely and cooperatively with the other Directors; commitment to providing the time and energy necessary to accomplish the Board’s objectives and fulfill the required term; the ability to learn quickly; and organizational skills.

How much time would I need to put into serving?

The Board holds one regular meeting for two hours each month, at which attendance is expected. Beyond this regular meeting, the time commitment for a Director typically averages out to an additional two to three hours per week, including preparation for regular monthly meetings as well as special Board meetings called by the Chairman of the Board.

Member-owners are always welcome to attend the meetings of the Board of Directors on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:15 PM at Stone Soup Café. You can see how the Board functions and meet the current Directors. You may gain useful perspectives on the issues currently facing Co-op Market.

When will elections be held?

The annual election begins in the fall with the mailing of our yearly newsletter Fudz. You can bring your completed ballot into the store, vote online or bring your ballot to the annual Board Meeting (need date). The 2013 election will begin on September 26th. This year’s annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 6:30 pm at Birch Hill Recreation Center.

OK, I’ve decided to run – now what?

To help the Membership make an informed decision regarding the Directors they elect, we ask you to fill out the Board Candidate Application. Please request an application by emailing nominations@coopmarket.org and email your completed application back to nominations@coopmarket.org by August 16, 2013 at 5 pm. Your personal statement, answers to the essay questions, and a photograph of yourself will be published in the Fudz Newsletter in October, online, and through other avenues.

It sounds like a big step! And worthwhile! As a cooperative, Co-op Market is only as strong as its Ownership.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the following positions:

Lead Cashier – full time

Cashiers – full and part time

Grocery Stockers – part time

Meat/Seafood and Bakery Buyer – part time

Assistant Produce Team Leader – full or part time

Produce Assistant – part time

Deli Assistants – Full and part time

Email us to request a job description and application at                                                       co-opmarketoutreach@ak.net or call 457-1023.

Job Applications and descriptions will be available at our temporary offices at 540 4th Ave. Ste B102 – in the basement below the Vet Center.

Are you wondering what a Front End Manager is? Well, the Front End Manager is the person who hires and trains all of our cashiers and makes sure that we live up to our bottom line of offering exceptional customer service. Shaun Lott is passionate about our Co-op and especially excited about offering really great service to all of you!

Shaun is a science geek, a mother, and a gardener. A longtime volunteer for Co-op Market, she’s determined to learn everything that she can about the cooperative business model.

She has a special interest in good healthy food for all, and she believes the road to success is education (something at which co-ops excel). She has experience in food preparation, retail, and inventory management and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Shaun is excited to be part of the management team of Co-op Market Grocery & Deli and looks forward to serving the community when the grocery store opens.

Shaun Lott photo

Somewhat new to Fairbanks, Sarah, her husband Max and their 2 cats have quickly fallen in love with the area and everything the community has to offer.

Prior to arriving in Alaska Sarah spent several years working for Scholastic Publishing in Washington, D.C.. Her roles for Scholastic involved working with local schools and running events in the nation’s capital.

Sarah’s interest in healthy living started when she worked for Whole Foods Market.  She loves to learn about new products and to share her excitement with the community.  Sarah is looking forward to bringing that same enthusiasm to her work at the Co-op.
Apart from Sarah’s passion for healthy living she enjoys cooking up a frenzy at home as well as getting outside for long runs.  The native Bay Stater also loves traveling whenever possible.

Sarah’s duties will include managing a top notch Wellness Department (known usually as Health & Beauty Dept.) and participating on our Marketing and Outreach Team.

Sarah Wickline Jackson photo

Lesley moved to Alaska with her family in 1995 and has been an Alaskan at heart ever since. She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks for a short time before moving to Seattle, Washington to complete her education. A graduate of Bastyr University’s Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts program, she has recently returned to share her passion for simple, therapeutic nourishment with her home community.


Lesley is a slow food enthusiast who combines her whole foods culinary training with intuition and mindfulness in the kitchen. She is excited for the opportunity to work with the Co-op Market Grocery & Deli to offer high quality, seasonally appropriate and locally-sourced deli options to the greater Fairbanks community. When not spending time in the kitchen, she enjoys traveling, camping, listening to music, and watching movies.

Lesley Jones photo


Christine grew up in Salcha and graduated from Eielson High School in 1990. She then attended UAF and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 1998. She is married and has three kids. She has recently worked in the travel industry with companies such as Bettles Air and Go North Travel.  She loves working with people and providing help and support whenever she can.

After being offered the position of bookkeeper at the Co-op Market, she began volunteering many hours assisting with setting up the store and learning about the benefits the market will provide to the Fairbanks community.

We look forward to working with Christine in our journey to excellence!


A Co-op Market Gift Membership is the gift that keeps on giving. Member-Owners co-own the co-op, share in the profits, take part in the mission, elect &/or become board members, ensure our success, & enjoy other great benefits. Sign up your loved one at www.CoopMarket.org or call 457-1023!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We’ll help make the gift extra special by adding a Bob’s Red Mill Goodie Bag!


One of my best memories of this year’s Fun For Food Celebration was the fabulous dinner created by Chef Jameson Kapec and Michael McLean. As luck would have it we were given 300 lbs of giant squash by John Dart of Dart AM Farms.

John dropped the squash off at my house about 10 days before the event. We squeezed them into every available corner of the tiny garage. A few days later I loaded them in my truck for another journey. They filled the entire truck bed. Mike McLean met me to take the squash to his house and get started cooking and pureeing the squash.

To cook a giant squash they must first be cut open! A bandsaw was just the right thing for quickly cutting up 26 of them.

Cooking all that squash was a project that took several days. When the day arrived we were ready to create a special meal made from mostly local ingredients. The most talked about dish – Jameson’s Winter Squash Springbread.

winter squash


4 C squash

1 C water, boil

1 C flour (any kind)

1 C chopped leeks

1/2# butter
6 eggs
1. T onion powder
1 T. Sea salt
1/4 c goat cheese
3/4 c cream cheese
3/4  c grated Parmesan cheese

3/4 c toasted, slivered almonds

1/2 c chopped parsley

 Sweat leeks in butter. Boil water and add flour to make a Choux paste. Whip goat cheese and cream cheese together. Purée squash, flour mixture, seasonings. Stir in leeks and eggs, mix thoroughly. Pour 3/4 squash mixture into greased pan, dollop teaspoons of cream cheese mixture on top. Cover with remaining squash mixture. Pour mixture into a 9 x 13 baking dish. Bake at 350 until set, approx. 40-45 min. Sprinkle with Parmesan and almonds, bake 10 min. more. Top with parsley or herbs of choice.